Starting fresh..

Today I transferred my tumblr blog to wordpress for personal reasons and preference. Surprisingly enough, I received a lot of great feedback from people and I was amazed to find out how many readers were coming by. This was very unexpected and hopefully I can get the same results on this one, too.  Anyway, I’ll be posting everything and anything here; mostly things that complement my personal tastes. Do not hesitate to leave any opinions or thoughts. All are welcome. I don’t discriminate.

Speaking of personal things, I’ll be turning 23 in less than six weeks! For some of you, six weeks might seem like ages from now, but not for me. I feel as if my birthday is tomorrow. I can remember vividly being a ten-year-old little girl, wishing I was eighteen so I can drive and start working. Now, I can’t stand driving or working. Time does certainly fly by fast..

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