I’ts been a minute..

Okay,  first of all I want to apologize to all of the faithful readers who have been asking why I haven’t posted anything lately. AWW, much appreciated. I know I’ve been M.I.A. But, I have valid excuses, lol. I have been busy with school, which in fact, made me lose a lot of hair, sleep, and a couple of pounds! I’m furious to accept the fact that my hair is falling off because of stress and losing the few pounds I’ve struggled to gain. Oh, and not to mention the “black circles” under my eyes due to sleepless nights. Maybe I should start my using  “black circles” advice I previously posted, lol. I’ve also been searching for a job. I’ve had no luck so far. Other than that, life is great. I received a couple of great news this morning that I’m very excited about. So, I’m glad to say I’m back. Sit tight and wait for more entries I’ll be posting soon. Once again, thank you for reading! Much love.

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