Do you ever get curious and wonder what kind of words/slang people used back in 1920’s. I do! However, I found a couple of words that were quite interesting, lol

Atta-Boy: Well done!

Big cheese: The most important or influential person

Cheaters: Eyeglasses

Clam: A dollar

Dame: A female

Doll: An attractive woman

Dumb Dora: A stupid female

Egg: A person who lives the big life

Flat tire: A dull, dissapointed date

Gams: A womans legs

Hard boiled: A tough strong guy

It: Sex appeal

Jane: A female

Jake: Everything will be fine

Keen: Attractive

Level with me: Be honest

Moll: A ganster girl (LOL)

Neck: Kissing with passion

Owl: A person who is out late

Pipe down: Stop talking

Razz: To make fun of

Spiffy: An elegant appearance

Tomato: A female (? this is funny)

Whoopee: To have a good time

You slay me: That’s funny

Come on, readers! What do you really think of these words, LEVEL WITH ME! πŸ˜‰

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9 Responses to

  1. P says:

    this r funny, some I was familar with

  2. Mr.Opong says:

    U forgot “toots” Tita Wita ! iF i Had to use One Of these Wordz on a Daily it Would be “Doll”…Ur Sister iz Such a Doll haha lol naw but the bloGz Iz Dope

  3. @chancechandler says:

    You are the cats meow…

  4. dolcechica says:

    thank you @chancechandler! =)

  5. grace says:

    omg hahah let me get a clam though !hehe

  6. dolcechica says:

    i’ll give you some clam alright…lol πŸ™‚

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