Who said the sales were over?  I sure didn’t. I was browsing around and found a few items I liked under $50. INCREDIBLE, right?  Check them out!

This shirt by Modern Lovers is on top of my shopping list. The price is “modern” too, $45.00

The J Adore Wildfox T-shirt, $44.95

Red Kidviskous Nerd Glasses $46.40

I Love you more than blank shirt by Paperwhite Studio, $25.00

She got the look tee, $21.95

Ecote woven flap clutch, $29.99

Fingerless by Mnkr, $36.00

Studded leather bracelet, $19.99

These were my favorite among all the multiple items I fell in love with! Which one are you buying?


I’m not sending any hints of what I like just because my birthday is coming up. 😉

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4 Responses to

  1. kel says:

    hey dolcechica?

    your blog is cute! when did you start blogging?

  2. Alina(: says:

    Omgggg I looove the fingerless shirt & the mod. lovers tee. Too cute.
    Love the blog too chica(:

  3. dolcechica says:

    I just started last month =) I’m glad you like it. Thank you for reading!

  4. dolcechica says:

    @alina..thank you for reading, girl! =) p.s that shirt is adorable, lol

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