Just what you vintage fashionistas were waiting for! Now you can add 10 simple resolutions to your “new years resolutions” list (including myself).

1. Think quality, not quantity

A lot of times we look at the number of things we purchased, but not take a close look at what we will be hanging on our closet poles!

2.  Make friends with a Tailor.

There is no better feeling than security. Therefore, you need a great tailor who can grant that feeling. Tailors have the capability to make everything fix perfectly. I myself [have] met the perfect tailor. Since I have a problem finding proper clothes for my body type.

3. Don’t be a label snob.

Seek out quality and timeless style first, then take a peek at a label

4. Choose more organic and natural fabrics

What’s better than wearing natural fabrics? I know it might be pricey at times, but think about how much you will be helping Mother Nature out. Not only will you be helping her out, but also supporting manufacturers who use organic and natural fibers.

5. Shower you wardrove with TLC.

Meaning treating your lovely clothes well and they’ll return the love for years to come. Try hanging your clothes with suitable hangers, not washing them too often, not putting them in the dryer too much. It is highly advised to purchase small cabinets for each set of clothes, that way you can keep your clothes clean and in good care.

6. Dry-clean less and hand wash more.

Many of us like to wash our clothes every time we wear them. Like I previously mentioned, washing our clothes too often will only make our clothes lose its value.

Dry-cleaning is good, but only when the label says “dry clean only”. So, make sure you read your labels before you decide to wash your clothes.

*note: not saying to not wash your clothes, just know how to treat your clothes 🙂

7. Shop online.

Girls (including myself), love shopping at stores instead of browsing around the internet looking for items to buy. But, did you know that shipping ten pounds of packages by overnight air uses 40 percent less fuel than driving yourself round-trip to the store. Crazy fact, right?

8. Donate, not trash, used clothing.

This one strictly goes for me. I tend to throw my clothes away or store them inside my garage when I don’t need them anymore. The best thing to do when you feel your clothes is no longer wanted, is going to a local charity such as Goodwill or Salvation Army and donate your clothes. Even if you feel your clothes aren’t in the best condition, try taking them in.

9. DO NOT wear vintage from head-to-toe.

Its okay to love vintage clothing, but there is no rule stating you have to wear vintage clothing from head-to-toe. Wearing different styles of clothing will enhance your style.

10. Dress to express, not to impress

::surprised faces:: is what you readers have right now. “Dress to impress” is probably one of the most popular phrases nowadays. I’m not emphasizing not to dress to impress, but having your own expressed style will make you feel good and give your self-confidence a little boost.

These were 10 simple resolutions you can follow throughout your vintage journey. Hope all were helpful! Enjoy!

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6 Responses to

  1. 113Tidbits says:

    That’s pretty awesome!!

  2. dave M says:

    11. dont be scared of the salvation army/goodwill – second hand stores are great places to find truly vintage threads. just make sure you wash it before you wear it. oh, and don’t buy used footwear or underwear. use common sense always.

  3. dolcechica says:

    thank you for reading =) 113tidbits

  4. dolcechica says:

    thank you for the informative addition, dave! =)

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