Nice gams..

Every girls desire is to own a pair of sexy legs “gams”. Well, at least that is one of my desires. As sad as this sounds, nice legs are inherited most of the time; there is no special magic that gives nice legs. I felt good knowing I wasn’t the only girl struggling to keep my legs in shape when I received an email from _____ asking me if I knew any leg tips.  She describes how she struggles with cellulite (we all struggle with that issue) and is constantly watching what she eats and is looking for any special leg workouts.

Here are some simple tips you can follow:

*As a girl, our fat usually stores in our thighs and buttocks which makes it more difficult to stay in shape. So, we have to be extra cautious with the type of food we put in our system. It doesn’t matter if were trying to gain muscle or lose muscle. I know it might be difficult to avoid eating delicious fried chicken and sweet bread, but you will need to say good-bye to those for a while. We will need to consume less calories and eat less portions per meal and more meals throughout the day.

Now for the workouts, there is always a gym membership. If you’re too lazy too drive or simply can’t afford it, there is always workouts you can do from home.

Easiest leg workouts to gain bigger legs:

1. Do lunges  with heavy weight; 3 sets of 10 and slowly.

2. Do squats with heavy weight; 3 sets of 10

3. Do NOT workout every day. This will only decrease your chances of getting bigger legs! Workout at least 2-3 a week and rest at least 48 hrs after workout.

To tone down your legs:

1. Run regularly

2. Do lighter weight when working with weights and do more reps

3. Cycling

4. Eating 400-700 calories less than normal

Now lets get to work, ladies! We want these sexy legs by summer, right?! 🙂

*note: these are just facts I found out of research. Feel free to add any more information!

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