I know many of you are getting ready to go out and about just like I am, but I wanted to post this real quick. We should all thank V Magazine for this post. These beautiful women show the meaning of true beauty, seriously!  They clearly state that no matter what size or color you are, you are still beautiful. And keep in mind ladies, the most beautiful and attractive thing about a girl is self-confidence. Because when you have self-confidence, everything else shines!

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4 Responses to

  1. Mr.Opong says:

    kudos for this…Big gurlz need love too lol

  2. dave M says:

    uh… i need to think about this one…

      • dave M says:

        Because in the real world, most people are of the healthy size. So for these magazines to make an issue of it, its kind of pointless. Unless of course they are trying to send a message to the fashion/entertainment industry, then it makes sense. Otherwise, people are typically happy with themselves, even if they are a few pounds heavier than the skeletons in magazines and on tv…

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