How to get rid of scars!

Scars are definitely not a girls best friend!  At least not mine. I used to have A LOT of scars on my legs which made my teenage years a bit difficult. My legs were filled with small and big mosquito bites. It seem as if every mosquito knew who to suck blood from!  Anyway, my friends were the main ones who witnessed how much I tried hiding my legs. I would wear nylons (even during Summer), I would steal my mom’s concealer trying to hide every scar (I got in so much trouble for that, lol), and oh, I wore sandals with the strings that go around your legs, remember those?  What didn’t I do to hide those monster scars, seriously!

If  you have a similar scar story (not necessarily a mosquito story) or still suffer from scar problems, well this post is for you! And as I’ve written before, I believe in natural beauty and natural cure; none of that surgery or creme crap!

#1:  APPLY LEMON JUICE ON THE DESIGNATED AREA. Lemon juice carries some sort of bleach which helps lighting the scars and blemishes of the skin.

#2 USE A COTTON BALL SOAKED WITH GREEN TEA AND LEAVE IT ON THE SCAR FOR AT LEAST 30 MINUTES. OR SIMPLY DRINK GREEN TEA. This tea carries antioxidants which extremely helps with body cleansing and helps prevent scars.

#3 VITAMIN E!! (my favorite) APPLY VITAMIN E ON YOUR SCAR AT LEAST TWICE A DAY. IT IS CONSIDERED TO BE THE BEST NATURAL REMEDY FOR SCARS. Vitamin E reduces the formation of free radicals which can interfere with healing.

These three tips are easy to find at home and easy to work with. My favorite one is Vitamin E. It worked pretty good on my skin. I hope these helped, ladies! 😉

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3 Responses to How to get rid of scars!

  1. dave M says:

    Some people say, “scars give you personality” … T.B.H., I am sure its an issue for the females, but I don’t know any guy that goes around saying, “man did you see the scars on that chick” or “bro, i got these gnarly scars that I can’t get rid of…” but its good to know that there are ways to get rid of scars without getting some cosmetic modifications…

  2. rebekah says:

    I knew about honey not lemons

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