4 Simple Ways to Make Your Man Happy!

Listen up, ladies!  According to Glamour magazine, these are 4 simple ways to make your man happy (especially on Valentine’s Day).  Check them out and make sure you practice some today! 😉

1) Touch his arm; make sure you’re gentle and say something sweet to him.

2) Send Him a Random Text Message/BBM/ Tweet; make it short and simple.

“Hope you’re having a great day, hun!”

3) Ask Him a Question About Something he’s passionate about.

Ask him questions to let him know you are involved and do care about his interests.

4) Give him a Specific Compliment; if he’s wearing a nice outfit or his smile gave you the butterflies, let him know. Think about any compliment that will make him happy. I guaranteed he’ll fall more in love with you! 😉

Hope you ladies took notes and take action!!

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4 Responses to 4 Simple Ways to Make Your Man Happy!

  1. Mr.Opong says:

    U on point wit this 1 lol, u shud do one for the guys cause dudes tend to unknowingly use lines n shit lol

  2. Mr.Opong says:

    (Crowd yellz: We want updates!!! we want updates !!!!!)

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