I was recently asked if I was doing a “low prices I do adore” soon, lol. Well, of course! Especially for Valentine’s Day. I do apologize for taking a whole century to update this section. I decided to do a little special where I get to show different outfits for different occasions. I usually show one only, but I’m showing various outfits on this post. Trust me, I didn’t go to one of those sites where they show you everything and you put an outfit together ( I wish I did, lol). I actually do research and try to put an outfit together for a decent price.  Now, I’m sure many of you are shopping on a budget, at least I know I am!  So, if you still haven’t found anything to wear this weekend, don’t worry. I found Incredible items and all for under $70!  Shall we start?

Ok, today I’ll be showing one outfit. This one is my first pick and most favorite too! You can enjoy wearing this outfit for breakfast or lunch.

“I heart you!” dress, $54

Marianne Trench, $68

Polka Dots Dress, $19.80

I love this red coat because you can pretty much wear it with anything. It can be matched with the polka dot or the gingham pattern dress.

Its not over, it just started! To see the whole “valentines day special” click keep reading and enjoy! 😉

Who can forget to match a great outfit with cute shoes! I love these shoes, too!

Bow Shoes, $24.99

Heart Purse, $40

Sweetheart Sunnies, $11

Chanel Nail Colour, $24 & Mac Lipstick, $14

La Femme Necklace, $4.80

Rose Ring, $12

Heart Earrings, $1

Sexy Little Things Noir by Victoria Secret, $39

Mi corazon spanish sweethearts, $2

I hope this first part of my valentine’s day special gives you an idea of what to wear on that special day. Stat tuned for the second part coming soon! Did you like any pieces?

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