Losing hair?

I have a lot of hair, but my hair has been falling off  lately. I know I’m not the only girl suffering from this. As always, I decided to do some research and take care of it on my own. I found the cause of hair loss and what to do to get your hair back! 😉

These are the most common causes: Stress, hormonal changes, hair products, poor diet, medicine,  & genes.


-It’s normal to lose around 50 to 100 hairs per day.

-No product will make your hair grow or make it thicker.

-Hair loss begins around the ages of 12 to 40.

-Normal haircare doesn’t affect hair loss.


Massage the scalp with uncooked egg yolk, leave for an hour & wash.

Rub Olive, Almond & Coconut oils into scalp. Repeat 3 times a week.


wash your hair with hot water.

wash your hair more than twice a week.

comb the hair backwards & avoid excessive brushing.

These are 5 simple tips you can try out from home. Good luck!

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One Response to Losing hair?

  1. inez says:

    LMAO!! i’ve heard of this…. question is have you tried it????? Ü

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