Who pays?

I’ve had many conversations with male friends about how they feel towards women. One of the most interesting topics was “who pays” on the first date. Some guys say they should pay because they were taught to pay for their date. Others say girls who offer to pay for their meal are pretty attractive. I was so intrigued by this subject that I decided to blog about it and see everyone’s point of view. Surprisingly, I received emails, FB and Twitter responses and this is what they had to say:

“I believe I should pay regardless of the situation. I was raised to be pay for a girl on a first date, especially if I invited her.” George Salas of Gallatin, Tennessee.

“Interesting topic. I have nothing against paying for my date, but I love when girls ask for the check to see how much they have to pay. After I see that, I go ahead and pay the whole bill.” Bernard Thompson of Sacramento, California

Now, don’t think I forgot about my ladies. How do WE feel about this? Should we allow men to pay or should we pay for ourselves?

A few girls responded on this matter and this is what they had to say:

“In my opinion a true gentleman would always want to pay on the first date.” Ingrid Espinoza of Los Angeles, CA

“I truly don’t care paying for myself. You never know what they’re expecting from you if they pay.” Rosie Richardson of San Diego, CA.

Personally, I thought my date had to pay for everything. Seeing my dad pay for my mom all the time, made me feel as if my date was pretty much obligated to pay. Well, my standards have changed and I’m satisfied with the results. After a while, I realized I wanted to pay for my movie or dinner . Not that I don’t appreciate any offers, but as a young woman, I wanted to feel good about being independent.

There is no rule that states who pays for who or what. It’s mostly dealing with different opinions and deciding if we want to stick to them or not. If there is a first date, it’ll be natural to choose on splitting the bill or not. It’s best to always offer to pay for yourself. This will show appreciation and it might lead to a second date! 😉

How do you feel about this topic? Feel free to share your thoughts!

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6 Responses to Who pays?

  1. Mr.Opong says:

    Honestly, if it was a good date n i genuinely felt throughout the date it could go some were, then yeah of course why not lol

  2. Conce says:

    i think the girl should pay. By opting themselves out to pay, they are admitting they don’t or can’t make money. losers

  3. Gary says:

    I always pay for the girls. I raise my take home ratio that way. you feels?

  4. mera says:

    who ever ask the other person out.. and if it was the girl guys are still suppose to offer either way

  5. E-geezy says:

    If the girl is worth it, then we pay, if not you ask her to cough up some cash. In the same manner that we have to win a woman’s affection, women have to earn our pockets. If we start whippin’ out cash all willy-nilly, we are going to either become broke, or stay broke (depending on one’s present situation).

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