Curl it Up!

As many of you know, I have curly hair. Every time I put it down and fixed it up, I receive many compliments and questions about what I put on my hair. Therefore, I’m making this post to share a few steps to make those curls roll. Before I start, I want to emphasize natural hair care. Before using any hair products, I recommend putting a little bit of olive oil for protection. By doing this, the hair will still be styled but protected.

Step 1. Wash your hair thoroughly and condition deeply (most important part).

Step 2. Dry your hair beginning at the roots and using circular motions, keeping it 90-degree angle from scalp.

Step 3. Separate the hair into four pieces and apply a mousse and hair spray (upside down). I recommend Tresemme or Suave. These products are great and affordable.

Step 4. Now to add volume, use a hair dryer diffuser. Again, using it upside down. Point the hair dryer at the roots to give your hair maximum volume until its dried.

Step 5. Enjoy your new hair style! 😉

Hope these 5 steps were helpful!

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