Covering an event with The Hills star, Audrina Patridge, (click here to view), was not enough for me, so the next day I covered the 20th Annual Night of 100 Stars Gala. It took place at the Beverly Hills Hotel, which was beautiful. Many were expected to arrive there before heading to the Oscars. There was a few complications that caused a late arrival and didn’t have the chance to see that many celebrities. I was upset, but tried making the best of it. I only interviewed a few, but it was still exciting. Check out the pictures I took that night!

Inside the press room waiting for the arrivals.

Interviewing John Corbett, who will be part of the “Sex and the City 2” film, coming out this year. He was so entertaining and gave me details on the new movie and all the scoop behind the scenes. I loved the way he was smiling at me. 😉

Another reporter and I, interviewed Stephen Collins.  He was the father and rev. in “7th Heaven”. That show used to be one of my favorites. Having him in front of me was awesome! We asked him if he still talked to the cast and he said he talks to Jessica Biel the most.

Here is the celebrity attorney, Gloria Allred, who is currently working on Tiger Woods case. Even though she didn’t give so much inside details on the affair, she still gave a great interview.

Everyone meet my little sister, Madelyn.  She was a great help that day.

I see my future in this picture, do you?

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