Ernest Borgnine Hosts Pre-Oscar Charity Party

Covering the Ernest Borgnine Hosts Pre-Oscar Charity Party, was a total honor. The pre-oscar celebration was to celebrate the 82nd Annual Academy Awards and raise awareness for Believe in Dreams Foundation, which was hosted by the young charity founder, Chandler Lutz.

The Believe in Dreams foundations is based on helping children with illnesses. Seeing celebrities come together and support this foundation was great!

I had so much fun that night. Meeting other reporters and chatting while waiting for the arrivals was the best. I met a few reporters from New York who promised to give me a tour once I visit NY, haha…I hope you two are reading this! 🙂

Meeting and interviewing  Tatyana Ali was definitely the highlight of the night. She was so charming and smart. Tatyana used to play Ashley on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. This show still has me laughing every time I watch it.

Maiara Walsh, Eva Longorias niece on the Desperate Housewives show. I will NEVER forget this interview. While interviewing Maiara, I hear someone else disrespectfully interrupting my interview. As I’m turning to see who it is, I see a huge TMZ camera! The guy behind the camera started talking to her ignoring the fact that we were in the middle of an interview. Everyone around me looked at me and gave me the “what are you going to do” look.  Securities immediately came to escort the guy out. I couldn’t believe how disrespectful he was. But of course, I tried containing myself and continued with the show, lol…

I love this precious lady. I’ve had the opportunity to interview her a couple of times and it felt great when she recognized me that night! She said, “Oh, it’s you my little one!” haha, she’s the best. Doris Roberts is part Everyones Loves Raymond show.

The young fellas from The Buried Life were also part of the guest list that night. They were funny and great entertainers. It was awesome to meet each one of them.

Also, I promised to post a short clip of my first “on the red carpet” incident with TMZ and here it is…(click).

Overall, it was such an awesome night! 🙂

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