Tita’s Update!

Hello everyone! Let me start off with an apology for disappearing on you. I promise I’ll update more. Thank you for still visiting. I got surprised when I logged in and still had views, lol. Anyways, hope this beautiful weekend treated every one of you well. My weekend was awesome. I had the opportunity to spend time with my family back at home, some din-din and red carpet fun. My weekend went something like this…

I started off with dinner with the BF at my favorite spot in Glendale. I always order Risotto alla pescatora with a side of fried calamari.  AMAZING!

As always, family time is the best. We watched the Mayorga vs Cotto boxing fight.

While some of you were still in bed, I headed out to the Annual John Varvatos Stuart House Benefit event early in the morning. All the media was suffering under the sun, including myself.  I wore boots not knowing the event was taking place outside :(. Thank goodness for the team, they were nice enough to bring us water. Nonetheless, I had a great time conducting interviews and meeting new people.

More pictures from the event will be posted soon. Thank you all for reading!



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